Gray Wilkerson Ra Trio

One of my very favorite projects is the trio with Avreeayl Ra and Ed Wilkerson. The Gray Wilkerson Ra trio combines three world class creative artists, each with a long list of individual credits, into one group that is collaborative, creative and compelling. With recent performances at the Poznan Festival in Poland and at University of Illinois Foellinger Hall, and at Constellation, the group has  tremendous rapport, a wide range of color and boundless energy. Percussionist and flutist Avreeayl Ra’s roots extend back to Sun Ra and the AACM, and he has been an integral part of the Chicago jazz community for many years, touring regularly on five continents. . Ed Wilkerson,  renowned composer and leader of Eight Bold Souls and Shadow Vignettes among others is a unique voice on saxophones and clarinets and has a myriad of performance and recording credits. 

Edward Wilkerson, Avreeayl Ra, Larry Gray live at Krannert Art Museum
2014 Concert in Poznan, Poland, photo by Lauren Deutsch
2019 at ProMusica Chicago