Wertico Cain & Gray

My musical connections with drummer Paul Wertico go back to the late 70s when we were coming up in Chicago. We met and played together in a variety of contexts, including the Simon and Bard band, Larry Luchowski’s trio and quartet, latter with Ed Petersen, and especially the Larry Coryell Trio. Composer, filmmaker, electronics virtuoso and visionary Dave Cain joined the mix and Wertico Cain and Gray was born. Each performance with the trio is a new journey for me and I’m sure for all of us. We’ve developed a tremendous connection and simpatico. We’ve amassed five projects at this point- Sound Portraits, Organic Architecture, Afterlive, Shortcuts and most recently, Without Compromise. Here’s to many more to come from Wertico Cain and Gray! https://werticocainandgray.com